Whether you're thinking of buying a new car, booking a dream holiday, making home improvements or looking to refinance, our advertisers provide loans to individuals with less than perfect credit history. You may have been turned down elsewhere, have a poor credit rating or simply have limited or no credit history and may be finding it difficult to get a loan. case through this site you can access a selection of companies who offer loans.

Simply specify how much you would like to borrow using the slider above and we'll present you a list of some of the loan providers in the marketplace. Whether you're looking to take out your first unsecured personal loan or have been refused credit in the past due to a poor credit history, you're sure to find a loan that suits your circumstances and requirements.

A bad credit score can be costly!

A bad credit rating will ultimately cost you money as lenders analyse your credit score when deciding what interest rate to charge you and how much you can borrow. If you have a poor credit history, you are chances of being able to borrow at the market-leading rates are considerably diminished. Only people with the highest credit scores will be accepted for the best deals, while those with tainted credit history will need to seek out the specialist lenders who charge higher interest rates.

Perhaps you have arrived at this site because you have recently tried to get a loan and were rejected. Being turned down for a loan can knock you for six if it was unexpected, but usually an imperfection or two lurking in the not too distant past on your credit report will be the cause, a missed payment on a mobile phone bill may be all that's required for a 'computer says no' response. In this scenario you'll need to take all necessary measures to repair your credit status and you'll have to consider borrowing from a loan lender who actively targets the credit impaired market.

Little or no credit history reduces your choices

If you've never taken out credit before or have little in the way of credit history you're unlikely to find lenders falling over themselves to grant you a loan. Because you've yet to build up a solid reputation as a good borrower who repays on time, few if any of the lenders offering the lowest rate deals will be willing to entertain you.

If you're a young adult venturing into the world of borrowing for the first time you're likely to find the door closed firmly in your face if you attempt to apply for one of the personal loan products listed at the top of the best buy tables. These deals are almost always reserved for those people who have excellent credit scores and gaining membership of this exclusive club will take time. Your borrowing history needs to burgeon and you'll need to develop a track record of making repayments on time. Once you do acheive a good score it should be cherished as the cost of borrowing falls considerably for those individuals who are in the privileged position of possessing a top notch credit score. The good news is there are some lenders who and are prepared to take a punt on you as a new borrower, but you'll have to take a hefy hit when it comes to interest charges.

Lenders more picky following credit crunch

Price hikes for those with tarnished credit history

Before the credit crunch, lenders were falling over themselves to offer loans to would be borrowers. However the banks and indeed the taxpayer are now counting the cost of what is regarded as a period of over enthusiastic lending.

The collapse of Northern Rock in September 2007 signalled a sea change in attitudes and the carnage that ensued with accusations of reckless lending has led financial institutions to considerably tighten their criteria on who they would, and who they would not, lend to.

Despite the Bank of England base rate being at a 300-year low of 0.5%, the interest rates on personal loans for those with less than perfect credit history have been creeping up steadily. The financial institutions that are willing to provide unsecured borrowing to this group of borrowers do so at a cost with loan rates in excess of 20% APR the norm, while those fortunate to have a good score can obtain loans for around 4% APR. The lack of appetite among high street lenders to lend to customers with flaws in their credit reports means the cost of credit for these people has jumped in recent years. A report by Dr John Glen, Senior Lecturer at Cranfield Business School published in February 2014 titled 'The Cost of a Poor Credit Rating' suggested that an average family with a low credit rating will end up spending around £1,170 more each year on credit such as loans, credit cards, car finance and mobile phone contracts than those with healthy credit scores.